Bluesummer electric car in Angkor

100% electric car for angkor

Rented per day to visitors that wish to be independent in their visit or customize their trip to experience the temples at their pace.

Bluesummer electric car in Angkor night
Conservation & sustainable tourism

& Preserve

To preserve the unique atmosphere of this sacred site, Bluesummer will transport the visitors in silence and without CO2 emission.

Bluesummer electric car back in Angkor
Leave the crowds behind

Off track adventures

Bluesummer buggy-like design, perfectly adapted to dirt trails, allows you to explore the most remote temples and the Cambodian country side.

Reservations: +855 123 0 2000

Welcome to Blue-mobility

In Angkor, famous for its temples, 12 centuries of History are now threatened by pollution and the growing number of tourists.

Therefore, in order to conciliate economic development and conservation, Blue-mobility has developed a unique model for historical sites, based on its experience, since 2011, in Paris, Rome and various others locations (USA, 9 European and 6 African countries).

Green & sustainable

Green and sustainable

Non-polluting, our cars, mainly powered by solar energy, are 100% recyclable as well as the battery that contains no toxic component and can be recycled multiple times.

As Angkor has now reached a critical threshold in terms of pollution, using electric cars contributes to a sustainable development of tourism.

Safe & comfortable

Bluesummer charging

The car boasts an “all-solid-state” battery for maximum safety.

All our cars are insured (by Forte) as well as the passengers.

No engine noise, smooth handling, great road-holding and an excellent stability are the guarantees of a comfortable drive.

Social & responsible

Social and responsible project

All our cars are driven by ex tuk-tuk drivers as a part of the Bolloré social model which sets the example with good salary practice, health insurance, trainings and internal promotion.

Our cars allow visitors to leave a "positive footprint" by reducing pollution in order to preserve this World Heritage Site for future generations.

The Bluesummer By Bolloré

  • Vehicles with driver
  • Convertible (with windows)
  • Buggy-like design perfectly adapted to visit Angkor
  • Unique driving range of 250 km
  • Max speed 115km/h (electronically limited)
  • Acceleration 0 to 60km in 6.3s
  • 30 kWh Lithium Metal Polymer battery
  • 50 kW power train (power peak output)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Mainly sun powered

Not only Bluesummer is a 100% electric vehicle at the cutting edge of technology but its performances will guaranty its passengers an unforgettable driving experience.

Bluesummer studio

100% electric car

1. 30kWh Lithium Metal Polymer battery

  • Peak power output 45kW
  • Nominal voltage 410V
  • Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C

Designed by the Bolloré group to power Electric Vehicles (EVs), mass produced for the Autolib’ car-sharing service in Paris, the LMP battery has proven its effectiveness with more than 80 000 000km covered since 2012.

Unique technology, at equivalent weight, this battery stores 5 times more energy than a traditional type. Thanks to its “all-solid” design, it also safer than any other new generation battery.

2. Power Train & performances

  • Peak power output 50kW
  • Nominal output 35kW

Compared to thermal engines, EVs engines – mainly composed of a power train – appears very small with its few components. Nevertheless, it provides excellent performances which compete with most of its best thermal cars counterparts.

As electricity travels in ms, acceleration is punchy, even when speeding and therefore had to be electronically limited. As well as for its max speed, the car is limited to 145km/h for the commercial version and 115km/h for the car-sharing version.

3. High ground clearance

Bluesummer has been specifically developed with a buggy-like design, powerful suspensions and high ground clearance for dirt trails and off-road adventures.

Perfectly adapted to explore the most remote temples and the Cambodian country side, even during the monsoon, its high ground clearance also allows to ford any small stream (depth<40cm).

4. Michelin Cross Latitudes tires

Bluesummer has been equipped with Michelin cross Latitudes tires size185/65 R15 for great road-holding, an excellent stability and safety brakes.

5. Charge flap

Easy to plug, safe to charge, compatible with most EVs chargers, Bluesummer can plug into any 220V outlet enabling it to charge anywhere there is electricity available.

For a faster charge, Bluesummer can also plug in professional or home-charging appliances.

Connected to an electricity storage as in Angkor, our cars are mainly powered by free and abundant sun energy.

6. 100L safe trunk

Outdoors vehicle, the Bluesummer will follow you on all your breakouts with its 100L trunk (200dm3) and its split-folding rear seats allowing an extra usable and functional cargo area (800dm3) ideal for leisure (picnic box, ice-box, bicycle, etc)

Bluesummer features


On demand customized service, our cars are rented per day to visitors.

As taxi, they will operate between 4:30am and 7pm, offering to pick-up and drop passengers wherever they want in the Angkor area and in Siem Reap city.

Bluesummer will travel to any part of the Angkor area, even the most remote temples as Beng Melea and Phnom Kulen, within a 100km-range from Siem Reap. Its buggy-like design perfectly adapted to dirt trails also allows the visitors to explore off-tracks temples and the Cambodian country side.

As their polluting counterparts would be taxis, therefore the Bluesummer rental price is based on taxi tariff plus a surcharge for being eco-friendly. The price to visit Angkor Park or its surroundings depends on 2 tariff zones, from 40$ to 70$ per day. For trip more than 10 hours long, a 10$ extra fee will be charged. Half-day possible too.



Angkor park


Angkor Park
(Small & Big circuit)
Roluos - Lolei
Phnom Krom

Remote temples


Banteay Srey - Kbal Spean
Phnom Kulen
Beng Melea
Tonle Sap

Over time


Inclusive fee for more than 10 hours rental, independent from the duration of the overtime

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